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µTorrent crashes.


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So, for the past weeks, I've encountered alot of trouble with µTorrent. I always used this torrent app but lately it crashes as soon as I try to open a .torrent file with it. I used to launch it on PC startup, but it crashes at the windows launch as well. I've ran several virus scans over the last few weeks and it found nothing. My only firewall application is the basic windows firewall, it has no problems with µTorrent.

As of yet I can't find out what causes it, so I think I need a little help here.

Actually, I've installed Bitcomet as a temporary replacement... I know.

For now, I just really want µTorrent back, working as it used to, and any assistance I could get to get this done would be very much appreciated.

This is the most recently saved .dmp

OS: Win 7 64bit

Intel® Core i5-2300 CPU @ 2.80GHz

4.00 GB RAM

Need anything else, please let me know. I just want this issue fixed.

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