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build 25422 Disk overloaded 100%


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Hello I have a very big problem that started to happen from the v3 utorrent!

As I try to download 7gb .mkv movie file ~5seconds downloads normal (5-6mb/s) but then disk overload 100% starts and movie downloads with 10kb/s <- AND THIS IS NOT FUN! I also stop the torrent wait 5minues but still disk overload 100%, wait 10minues - the same, wait 1h - the same, I close Utorrent try to start it but he sayes process is running and dosent disapear even after 2h!

Uhmm the seed speed also goes to 0 when this happens!

I try do download on the second HDD BUT THIS SHIIIII.. happens again! And everything is the same, even other torrents is on the first HDD and seedeng the seed speed goes to 0! I dont fking understand!

OS - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit

Motherboard: Asus Striker II extreme

Primary HDD - Western Digital Black 750gb SATAIII

Second HDD - Western Digital Blue 500gb SATAII

Both drives connected on motherbord SataII controller cuz dont have any sataIII controller, but soon will buy some...

PLEASE HELP! Maybe its the 32bit bug? :D Where is 64bit utorrent? Very SLOW 64bit development!

Edit: In disk cache advanced setting checked the 'Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing' and after some minutes overload dissapeared and downloaded the movie like a charm! But WHY DOES HE DO THAT? On v2.2 nothing like this happened....

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