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Hidden Hard Speed Limit of 10 k/s (utorrent Mac 1.5 - latest)


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I was downloading at about 1M/s for a while on some torrents and then suddenly it dropped down to about 10 k/s. I reset my router and waiting for my torrents to resume when they did the one I had going stayed around 9.7 then i started a torrent with higher bandwidth priority and as it went up the other one slowed down always totaling 10 k/s.

I restarted utorrent deleted preferences, actually reinstalled, changed my port, opened it up and started utorrent. Downloads zip up to around 1 M/s. Thinking that I caused my router to cut down my download speed due to bandwidth hogging I set the max d/l speed to 500k/s. After about a minute or so it drops down to 10, I re-started the higher priority torrent and the same thing happened.

The higher priority torrent and the normal priority torrent both have plenty of connections to make them go very fast, they just aren't moving. I just quit utorrent and restarted it again and now there is no downloads. the program is hung out up on the recheck of the partially downloaded torrent. What gives?

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