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slow upload when download


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ok so i have 6 torrents

2 of them uploading seeding

4 of them dloading

the 2 have like 500 leechers

the 4 have some seeders some leechers

2 seeders have infinite upload rate and have high priority

4 dloaders have 1kb/sec upload limit and low priority

connection is 600kb/100kb

goal is to maximize upload and download too if possible

the result is that even with these settings upload speed drops from usual stable 85-90 to 10-20

it seems that total connections are so many that system cannot allocate more bandwith to upload

overhead is very low like 10kb so it doesnt reach the cap

total connections allowed are 400

halfmaxopen is 50

connections per torrent is 50

download cap is 500kb/sec

i need a solution to prioritize uploading up until the cap to maintain my tracker stats


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