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Bug in "µTorrent Setup Guide" and "Remote" access


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I use the latest version 3.0 build 25422. When I click on the button "Run tests" in the dialog window "µTorrent Setup Guide" I get in both areas "Bandwidth" and "Network" error messages. I have already described this issue in the Troubleshooting section of the forum under the topic "Problem with the configuration in the window" µTorrent Setup Guide ". If I instead use the older version 2.0.4 build 22 967, these problems do not occur. Consequently, it is a bug in the latest version 3.0 build 25422.

I also set up the remote access via Options -> Preferences -> Remote in µTorrent. When I now start µTorrent, I get an error message with the following content:


Apparently this error message also seems to be a bug.

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