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Bogus ratio with torrents that I reseed...


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Hi and let me explain my problem :

I DL a torrent from say Dimeadozen. Upon completion I seed data back to others till my ratio hits 1.0 (and sometimes 2.0 or 3.0 yeah I know I'm a cool dude). :lol:

Then to make some room for more music I move the FLAC files to an Ext. HD and in UT I delete the line corresponding to that gig by hitting "remove".

Several weeks/months pass, I check the Dime page that offers that torrent and i realize there are about 3 leechers and no seeder. The cool dude that I am decides to help : I copy flac files from the EHD back on my Mac exactly where they were when I DLed months before, then I DL the torrent extension from Dime. I click on it. UT checks the files from 0 to 100% and I seed to the three fellow in dire need of some seeding.

Then troubles start because now the ratio for that reseeded torrent goes apesh!t : like 1641.3333 though it should be zero.

It's as if UT "remebered" that I Dled this torrent months ago. And that seems to f@ck ithe "ratio" calculator up.

Now I'd like to know how I can prevent this. It happens with all the UT4mac versions I've used.

Any help? Thx! :D

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Okay after so many replies and advices :cool: I dcided to try to fix the problem myself... and I did!

(I'm not only a very cool dude, I'm also very intelligent) :lol:

All you have to do is... but does this interest anyone after all?

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