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Problems with utorrent 3 and bandwidth allocation


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Hi, I just recently switched over to utorrent 3 from version 2 and I am having a problem with bandwidth allocation for the torrents.

I usually run this setup:

5 torrents max

500 max connections

100 connections per torrent

8 upload slots

1000KB/s download limit / 125KB/s upload limit

On utorrent 2 the 5 torrents would evenly share the 1000kb/s download as well as the upload, but with utorrent 3 it seems that it switches between torrents randomly. One torrent would be doing almost max speed while the others suffered, then moments later it would drop and another torrent would eat it all up. The same applies to uploads too, one would be using all the upload speed having the others suffer.

Any way to fix this on utorrent 3?

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