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Utorrent Maxes out@1.7MB/s


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I have tried every single version from 1.8 to 3.0 and it will stay steady@1.7MB/s, once in a while it may go up to 2.1 but then drops back to 1.7MB/s and stays there.

I'm using TW-RR at 3.0MB/s so the speed should stay above 2.0MB/s.

Port is forwarded even though I tried different ports, no av, no firewalls other than router, no filters etc...

I have tested my isp from any cap limits by using "Glasnost" and it reported there are no cap limits for up or down.

There is only one thing left that I can think of:

When I signed up with Time Warner's RR it was for the 2.0MB/s package, after awhile they upgraded me to the 3.0MB/s but is it possible that the extra 1.0MB/s is a turbo-boost that will not be a consistent steady speed?

I have done a few speed tests with 4 different websites and it shows download rate up to 3.0MB/s

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