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I don't understand why ......


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I am stumped.

I have no problems usually downloading torrents, can get 1MB+ downloads a majority of the time no problems.

The huge problem I have is UPLOADS, which a very variable but majority of the time I struggle to connect to peers and upload speeds of no more than 100kb/s.

Classic example is the file I am uploading at the moment, was a 1.3GB file, downloaded in less than 20mins, however upload speeds are complete rubbish ( in utorrent it shows currently with peers 1(122) Seeds 0 (207) when i am trying to seed. So it seems I have difficulty in conecting to peers??, I do however get the occasional time when my upload speeds are great (500kb/s +) but that seems to be few and far between.

Weirdly when I use the utorrent setup guide it gets even stranger,

Bandwith: Test Failed "Connection failed error. A request to send or recieve data was disallowed because the socket is not connected(when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call)".

Network: "Port is not open (you are still able to download)"

I have port 45600 fowarded and have checked this multiple times using PFportchecker and it tells me its open on TCP & UDP every time, so what is the issue?? my max upload rate is 24800 so its not that either.

I have no idea and looking for advise, anyone??

Thanks in advance

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