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Not connecting to certain trackers?

vast xl

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Hi there, I got myself a home server last week (HP Proliant Microserver) to replace my old dell laptop that i was using solely for uTorrent. I installed Windows Home Server 2011 on the box and set up uTorrent to run as a service at startup.

What seems to be happening is that a number of trackers appear to be unreachable by uTorrent when it is run as a service. If I VNC into the server and run uTorrent as a process by double clicking the app all seeds & peers show up successfully and I'm able to upload to them. Closing the app and restarting the service and monitoring it from the remote service or webui shows 0 seeds and 0 peers within the affected trackers.

All the correct ports are open on my router (Apple Time Capsule) I have a green tick in the network status of uTorrent, my randomized port has been forwarded. I have forwarded the necessary ports in the windows firewall also. Disabling the firewall makes no difference to the affected trackers. I did check the affected trackers for their whitelist of allowed clients, only one of these reports that uTorrent 3 is not allowed.

Any ideas?

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