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How does one change the Send button in Toolbar? (uT3)


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So i added images to the toolbar.bmp file to change the Remote and the Toggle Torrent view buttons, but after adding 6 new images after that, the Send button still does not change, so how does one change that?

I've searched for an answer but found none, the developers guide (http://user.utorrent.com/community/developers/createskin) is of no help as it's outdated and also inaccurate for the old toolbar.bmp info.

A 304x24 Windows bitmap. If it's found, it replaces the toolbar running across the top of the main µT window. It's made up of 13 24x24 bitmaps placed right next to each other (with no whitespace in between)

24px x 13 does not equal 304px for instance.

i have not found any 3.0 skins, well, atleast none that changes the Send button, i found an updated statuses.bmp which helped me update that to 3.0

So, does anyone know how to change the button?

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