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BSOD issue


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I have been using utorrent for a long time and it has worked fine until while i was downloading a torrent today, i BSOD'd. I lurked many threads here and I found that i should first use bluescreen view to find the issue. Well, if any one can help it would be greatly appreaciated.

I have a month old acer aspire 5750g with 4gb ram

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.8

I do not have any other firewalls or antivirus except for windows firewall (not forefront)

If you need anything else, please ask and below is the Bluescreen view result:...


Dump File : 070911-17487-01.dmp

Crash Time : 9/07/2011 8:52:34 PM


Bug Check Code : 0x000000d1

Parameter 1 : 00000000`00000028

Parameter 2 : 00000000`00000002

Parameter 3 : 00000000`00000000

Parameter 4 : fffff880`0174db2d

Caused By Driver : NETIO.SYS

Caused By Address : NETIO.SYS+11b2d

File Description :

Product Name :

Company :

File Version :

Processor : x64

Crash Address : ntoskrnl.exe+7fd00

Stack Address 1 :

Stack Address 2 :

Stack Address 3 :

Computer Name :

Full Path : C:\Windows\Minidump\070911-17487-01.dmp

Processors Count : 8

Major Version : 15

Minor Version : 7601

Dump File Size : 262,144


All help is appreciated

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Hi, i am kind of unsure how to update the drivers. I have looked at device manager and clicked update, but it said my atheros wireless network adapter was already up to date. Though it did update the microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter. I also searched for the update, but the searches only led to programs which scan the computer for free, but to update you must buy it. Could someone please help me with this?


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I tried going on the atheros website to get drivers. But all it gives me is a program which scans the computer for needed updates and then requires you to pay to then download and install the update. Through the program it specified what version to update it to, but I couldnt find that version anywhere.

But after reading your comment again, i think you may be referring to the Acer website. I will do that now

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Okay i tried uninstalling and reinstalling utorrent and then removing utorrent and installing bittorrent. Got the blue screen again


What can i do, im actually worried:/

Would a system restore work? Or do i need to return my laptop back with recovery disks?:/

Someone please help!!!!!!

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