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+1 I have an Android Phone (HTC Incredible) and would love to see a much better torrent program for Android OS from uTorrent. Please take a little time to develop this further and make an excellent uTorrent Mobile Version for Android OS (and others of course).

I know the devs here are probably busy and already have their plates full with things to do but I'm sure it wouldn't take long to make the Android Version just like the PC Version really...

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration in this matter :) I feel it would make a whole new mass of uTorrent users in a virtually untapped Android/iPhone/PPC market that is honestly just starting to really take off so now is the chance to hop on that train which so many are going to wish they did...

Just a friendly suggestion from a uTorrent fan (I use uTorrent and uTorrent only), and someone who has been using it since it first came out.

Take care everyone! Have a good one!

-Anubiset ;)

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