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Cant use /HIDE in uTorrent 3.0 Build 25440


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I wrote a small script that hides utorrent at startup. It simply launches the utorrent process at startup, and then presses the boss key automatically ! So, simply download the exe file from the link:


torrent link: http://web.utorrent.com/talon/seed/3507575170/torrent/d1718

Set your boss key to Alt+9. And place HideUt.exe in the startup folder and you are done ! Also make sure utorrent is not set to launch at startup, as HideUt.exe launches utorrent automatically. To make utorrent reappear, simply press Alt+9.

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Its now working perfectly!

I just noticed something, after appending /HIDE in to the REGEDIT, and rebooted, utorrent will run in hidden/bosskey mode but when I tried to check the utorrent's regedit entry, I saw that it changed back to /MINIMIZED!

Realizing that it could boot Minimized and not hidden at the next restart, I restarted the PC and *thank God* it booted in the hidden/bosskey mode, despite that its regedit changed back to /MINIMIZED

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. . .It work although i use another method. . .New+Shortcut+Locate utorrent directory="X:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe" /HIDE+Next+Finish. . .

Then i copy the newly made Shortcut of utorrent to X:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. . .

"X:\" Can be any letter mine is "E:\" although it is usually "C:\"

Then at uTorrent. . .Options+Preference OR (Ctrl+P) then in the General Tab Uncheck Start Minimized & Start uTorrent when Windows Starts. . .

BTW don't forget to set the BOSS KEY. . .

Cheers ^^

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