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unchecked files when loading new torrent (but they still DL)


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Hi, I'm having pretty much the same problem as was discussed in this thread: http://www.utorrent.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=91508 but since it was older I wasn't sure if I should post in there.

First off, specs: I'm running Win7 64 bit, and have uTorrent 3.0 (build 25406)

I have my Directories settings as follows:

Put new downloads in: D:\Downloads

Automatically load .torrents from: D:\Downloads

"Delete loaded .torrents" is checked

My main reasoning for having this is to keep my Downloads folder clean of all the .torrent files; I want the torrent loaded and then the .torrent deleted. The problem is that this is (apparently) causing uTorrent to no longer listen when I uncheck files in the new torrent dialogue box. I think it was agreed in the above-mentioned thread to just not have this setup and it wouldn't be a problem. However, it wasn't a problem for me at all in previous builds, so I think some change somewhere must have broken it.

I don't want to change my settings; my load process is to download a .torrent from Google Chrome, and Chrome automatically opens the .torrent file which launches uTorrent. I don't have uTorrent running constantly, only when I'm actively downloading or uploading. So I want to manually add .torrents. But I also want to automatically delete .torrents after they are loaded, which can only happen if .torrents are automatically loaded. This double-loading, from my understanding, is causing the new torrent dialogue box to not recognize when I have unchecked files.

Is there some cleaner way to get these results? As it is, I've disable the Automatically load .torrents feature and now just manually delete the .torrent files, which can be a pain. I tried just running uTorrent in the background and not manually adding any torrents, but with that there's no new torrent dialogue at all.

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