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Limit speed over LAN


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I have a strange problems with my routers when I'm transfering big files like this:

My PC -> Router 1 -> Router 2 -> Other PC (all connections with cables)

When the transfer speed goes to the limit (~11 MB/s), none of the PCs in my LAN (there are 4 PCs + some wireless devices) can connect to the internet.

I'm 90% sure this is due to the connection between routers, but this is not the problem I need to solve here.

The thing is: in order to keep using the internet, I want to limit my LAN torrent transfers to 9 MB/s, for example. However, it's not working.

Rate limit is applied to uTP connections on both PCs, global upload limit is set to 5 MB/s on the "source" PC, global download limit is set to 5 MB/s on "destination" PC and local peer bandwidth is also checked on both. Yet, the speed goes all the way until 11 MB/s and blocking my internet.

One client is 3.0, the other 2.2.

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