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uTorrent uses the default folder for the .torrent file


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I use uTorrent 3.0 25440 (32bit), and when I download a .torrent file from a webpage (selecting opening and not saving the .torrent file) uTorrent saves automatically this file to the default folder, however I determined another (existing) folder for these .torrent files in the setups of uTorrent.

It worked properly for months (uTorrent used my own folder), but today uTorrent was updated to 25440 and now it doesn't work.

When I download a .torrent file it puts that to the default folder (C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp) and it says (on the tray):

"Accepted launch

Type: auto

Location: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\torrentname.torrent"

I've tried other folders (on other and on the same drive too), but nothing changed.

Please, help me!

Thank you,


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You just don't understand my problem!!!

I do not speak about the folder the browser uses for downloads. I speak about the folder uTorrent uses for .torrent files. And everything was OK for months. The problem started today after updating uTorrent to build 25440.

I do not save these files with the browser I just open these .torrent files. uTorrent saves these .torrent files into a folder: now to the deafult folder, however I determined another one.

And again: it worked properly for months, the problem started after updating uTorrent!!!

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You don't understand your problem actually. That message is coming from when your browser passes the .torrent file to uTorrent.


Any .torrent files that uTorrent uses are stored in either %appdata%\utorrent (by default) or in the torrent storage folder specified in preferences - directories.

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When you download a new torrent, and click on 'Open' instead of save, it will go to a temporary folder, depending on your browser choice and settings.

You browser controls this - all of this.

Next up, you've downloaded your file (to your temp folder) and the browser is now going to open the downloaded .torrent file (you asked it to do this remember :D), and it will open it from the temp folder, where it was placed when downloaded.

Now your uTorrent client will display the temp folders address as the source of this new .torrent file. That is after all where your browser automatically stores it.

Mine does the exact same thing.

But when uTorrent has loaded the .torrent file, and I go check my custom folders (as per uTorrent's settings, NOT my browsers temp folder), lo and behold! uTorrent has been so kind to copy/move the .torrent file to the correct folder.

It's like magic. :)

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I understand this is the browser's temporary location, but why has utorrent only recently begun to display this balloon message? My browser has always been storing files there, so why have I not gotten this error in previous versions of utorrent alpha? Yes, it's something with the broswer, but that doesn't help anyone when it's still a glitch in utorrent that is causing these messages to pop up.

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