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How to remove "Compact Category List" ?!?

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In my opinion µTorrent always used to be a simple torrent client program without any redundant trickment. The GUI used to be well configurable also, without any compromise. Now it seems to me that`s about to change, which is not a good sign...

Why the "compact category list" is unremovable? Why?

I use a 10" netbook for downloading (and I`m sure, I`m not the only one...), and I just don`t need an unremovable, annoying 1cm bar on the left side. I don`t want it! I don`t have that much space on my tiny screen just to ignore it so easily!

Can somebody give me a good advice how to remove it, because I have not find any solution yet, and this restriction of freedom drives me mad.

Thank you!

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