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Preferences Directory Settings Don't Always Work


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To clarify, I am using uTorrent 3.0 Build 25460, 32-Bit.

Under Preferences I've set various directories for the management of my torrent downloads, as follows:

[CHECKED] Put new downloads in:


[CHECKED] Move completed downloads to:


[CHECKED] Append the torrent's label

[NOT CHECKED] Only move from the default download directory

[CHECKED] Store .torrents in:

H:\Torrents\Torrent Files\Current

[CHECKED] Move .torrents to finished jobs to:

H:\Torrents\Torrent Files\Completed

[NOT CHECKED] Automatically load .torrents from:

The problem I am having is that these settings are not always used. The various scenarios I've encountered are as follows:

1) If I have not assigned a label to the torrent, then when the download is complete, it will remain in the "Put new downloads in:" folder, and the source torrent is not moved to "Move .torrents to finished jobs to:".

2) If the torrent contains more than one file and a label is assigned, then a folder based on the name of the label is created in "Move completed downloads to:", and the completed download is moved there. But the source torrent is not moved to "Move .torrents to finished jobs to:"

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