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(re)"Set download location" does not work


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If you open a torrent of a folder and save it to some place with the folder re-named, then uTorrent can't find the folder (say, external HDD unplugged), it is impossible to get uTorrent to see that folder ever again.

If you Set Download Location to the parent folder, it will try to find the files in the torrent's default folder name. (so if you set the download location to the renamed folder, it will try to create a new folder in there)

edit: I just wanted to say that this is a new bug to uTorrent 3.0. Back in uTorrent 2, I never had this issue.

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Until this gets fixed (hopefully), here's a workaround from another thread:

Cut the torrent name and press enter so that the torrent has no name. Right click on the torrent and set the download location. It will tell you to overwrite. Select yes. Start the torrent (you don't need to force recheck!). F2 on the torrent, Ctrl V and you're done.

Also, Dzomlija, thanks for the input. :rolleyes:

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