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RSS Downloader curiosities (382 and 383 inclusive)


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Hello, short-term lurker and first-time poster :)

I found out about the stand-alone linux backend and the web-based frontend for utorrent very recently and am very happy with the overall package thus far. I am very close to having offloaded all tasks to my little NAS instead of having to keep the home computer running 24/7.

That said, I've run into some interesting problems when setting up the RSS Downloader. I keep a list of running shows with relevant download instructions on the Windows utorrent program running, and have copied those RSS parsers to the linux program.

The regex and all other parts of the entry are the same, yet I cannot get the show to download in linux but am able to do so fine in the Windows version.


Windows version

Filter: Leverage*

Not: *720*|*REPACK*

Save in: Y:\Leverage\Season 4

etcetc, the rest isn't relevant to the current issue, I don't think (Both entries were made from scratch, not imported)

Linux version

Name: Leverage

Filter: Leverage*

No entries for Not:

Save in: /TVShows/TV_Shows/Leverage/Season 4


Windows finds and starts the torrent, Linux shows the feed and the torrent, but does not trigger to download it.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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