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How do I continue to seed a torrent and move the file?


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Two ways of doing this...

First stop your torrents and close utorrent.

The first way is to simply make a copy of the files (copy and paste to your HDD).

The 2nd way is to move them instead of copying...but when you do you'll have to change the destination folder in utorrent:

Open utorrent, right click your torrent, then mouse over Advanced, then click Set Download Location... and find where you moved the files.

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Is the same for Utorrent mac? I can't seem to see the 'advanced' option when I right click.

yes, the same

But if you are on Lion, this will not work for you in this beta (we will fix the issue in the next beta release) - you will see the option but will not manage to save in different location.

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