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Wierd logger error!!!!


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Hi....i was just curious on a log error which i have been getting a lot in my utorrent client.Whenever i put a torrent ..,my downloads and uploads work fine but the logger in some time interval like every 1 hr or so displays a log error referring to these two trackers always...its been going on since a week on all torrents....although it dosen't affect my downloads or uploads.I can do them just fine.Its just that i have been quite concerned abt it as it shows up everyday on every torrent.I am posting a screenshot abt what the error looks like..and i hope u guys can clarify what its all abt as i am pretty much a noob at this :) .....this error is the recent one and i have cleared the log (the section was full of it)


If i don't clear the logs the section gets full of them in some time interval..once again..i am able to dld and upl just fine..thnx :) Also this error always shows these 2 trackers only....

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