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Various 3.0 UI questions


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Hi, I just updated to 3.0 (didn't notice because I kept checking for updates & I kept getting "There is no update for utorrent"), & after checking the forums to fix some personal issues, I still have some questions I need answered.

1) I can't seem to find status icons anymore. It's not in the options when I right-click the details (such as Name, Status, etc...). Do they still exist in 3.0? How do I get them to show?

2) Is there a way to completely hide the Category List, instead of taking up space with the green arrow pointing down & the grey one pointing up?

3) Is there a way to reduce the height of each torrent listed in the main pane? Currently, each torrent is taking nearly twice the space that they used to.

This quick screenshot I drew up points out where on the UI my questions are aimed at: http://postimage.org/image/1j941vxac/full/

Edit: 1 more thing, why can't I have the toolbar just show the Start/Pause/Stop buttons as it does when I change the torrent view (button next to Search button) into the less practical view?

+1 more thing: hide Search Bar how?

I have always loved & still love utorrent, but these UI choices annoy me to no end :/

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Many thankies for your response Ultima.

Sucks about #3.

As for #2, after disabling sidebar buttons, whenever I open utorrent, a grey box appears for a second where the green arrow was, & the button itself still exists in the same spot & is clickable.

Edit: it fixed itself after I opened & closed the category list again.

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