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Please help me to setup on ipad


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I have never used web interface on iPad before.

The latest mac client 1.5 beta see,s to have added web interface.

I just want to be able to access utorrent on my iPad on my local wifi network. I don't want internet access.

Can someone kindly tell me how to setup my mac utorrent client so that I can remotely access it from iPad through web browser, etc.?

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On your Mac:

- 1. Go to uTorrent go to Options->Preferences->Web UI

- 2. Check "Enable Web UI"

- 3. Enter the Username and Password you wish to use

- 4. Make sure "Alternative listening prot (default is the connection port is unchecked)"

- 5. Go to Options->Preferences->Connection and check which port uTorrent uses at "Port used for incoming connections"

On your iPad

- 6. Open Safari

- 7. Go to the ip adress of your Mac with the connection port you looked up in step 5 and put /gui/ behind it.

e.g.: ip:port/gui/ =

- 8. Enter the Username and Password you chose in step 3.

- 9. That's it!

There are also some addon UI's specificly made for the iPad which might make navigation more easily.

- One is made by Fijian Warrior: http://www.fijianwarrior.co.uk/

- And one is made by me: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=101784

I hope this helps.

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