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Utorrent not accepting new peer connections


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I've noticed that recently I cannot seed torrents at all. The torrents I have tested had at least 10 peers, but none would be able to connect to me. The counter will go up to 3 sometimes, but then instantly drop back down to zero; as if it's rejecting the connections. I've tried with multiple trackers, one private and the rest public. I've also disabled the speed limiting upon reaching a seeding goal but it had no effect.

Downloads still run fine, I reached 1MB/s on a torrent recently with no troubles at all.

What could be causing this?

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General/Info tab with the torrent selected.

What do you have for X of Y (Z in swarm) for seeds and peers?

Seeds: 0 connected (98 in swarm)

Peers: 3 of 20 connected (15 in swarm)

It's strange.. now there's some connected. Previously the peers connected would be jumping up and down, with no one actually receiving the file.

Upon trying a new torrent, the same happens again, this one with

Peers: 0 of 7 connected (9 in swarm)

It seems there's just a large delay from beginning to seed the torrent and from it actually allowing peers to connect..

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