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Please Help!!! UTorrent 3.0


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I've been using uTorrent for years and never had a problem...... until last night!!

Last night the speeds it was downloading at were going throught the roof, i mean , it was the highest i'd seen it on mine, speeds upto 2.6mb but with this came Disk Overload 100%, and no matter what i did it just wouldn't go. I even uninstalled it and put on Azereus, which was the same and that froze, so i tried bittorrent and that wouldn't accept one of my tracker clients, so that went in the recycle bin, but the speeds on there were the same!! So now i'm basck to uTorrent 3.0 and i'm having to manually control the speed with a right mouse click over the torrent and into the bandwidth thing.

I've done the run tests, so i'm not doing trying to make it faster, it's what it says its capable of, but its never been this high before, not even on the tests!!

Please, I am no computer whizz, to be honest, i havn't got a clue!!

Pleas, if anyone knows whats going on, please help!!

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