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Vague Delete Confirmation


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Prior to v3.0, the delete confirmation said "Are you sure you want to remove the selected torrent and all associated data?" when performing any "Remove" operation that deletes the downloaded file(s).

In v3.0 there is no longer any distinction. All "Remove" operations regardless of whether or not they delete data now just ask "Are you sure you want to remove the selected torrent?"

Could you please change that back?

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Better how? Functionally, it's still the same. You still have the same options you had before, no more and no less. You can still set the default by right clicking on the delete icon. You still have the option of using or not using the confirmation.

As far as I can see, only two things have changed regarding deleting torrents:

A) When deleting a single torrent (rather than 2 or more at a time), you are given the option to provide feedback about the torrent. I don't use this feature, but it's certainly an improvement.

B) It no longer tells you whether or not you're deleting any downloaded files. This is what I was taking about. The only difference here is only a few words in the confirmation box but I found it very useful. I understand that It won't matter much to a lot of people but I can't imagine how anyone can see the removal of that information as an improvement.

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