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How to get exact dates in the list view in µTorrent 3.0?


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Thank you for bringing us all the new features in µTorrent 3.0. However, I find one change really annoying (so much that I want to call it a regression).

In µTorrent 3.0, the "Added On" and "Completed On" dates are no longer shown in the list view. They're replaced by the time intervals since the torrents were added/completed. Examples: "an hour ago", "a year ago". I searched through the options dialog but couldn't find a way to change it.

How can I get back the old behavior? The current behavior hides too much information. While showing the exact time may consume too much space, I think showing at least the exact date is needed. When it says the torrent was added "a year ago", it could be 13 months ago or 23 months ago, I suppose. This makes the "Added On" field much less useful then before.

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