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Storage location of *.dat files in uTorrent 3.0 changed?


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Using uTorrent 3.0.25460 in Vista x64.

In past UT versions, locations where resume.dat, DHT.dat, etc., were created & data stored varied between versions.

In some past versions (under Vista - w/ UAC enabled), it created UT data folders for the *.dat files in both the admin acct's user profile, used to run the installer, and under the limited user acct, actually launching / using UT. (That was confusing)

Now, seems?? *.dat files are created only in the program files folder? Am I correct?

That's how it's behaving on my machine. If trued, that's OK w/ me, but what about machines w/ multiple users of UT?

In v3.0, how do multiple users keep from seeing or possibly deleting others *.dat files - like resume.dat?

In Vista, you must run the installer under an admin acct, but AFAIK, didn't ask where wanted to store data files.


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I don't remember the exact installer dialogue for 3.0, but I installed it to a new folder - not in folder of prev. uninstalled version. So there were no files of any kind in the new "D:\Applications\ Program Files (x86)\ uTorrent 3\" folder.

But, it is only creating *.dat files in the program files folder. Doubt this is the designed behavior.

I'd have to go back thru installation process to be sure, but I think was an option to "save old settings" or similar. When installing to new folder, I don't know where v3.0 looks for "old *.dat files to use, if choose that option.

As said, previous versions created folders under either / or the admin user acct it was installed from, or the user acct using UT.

So, if I were to uninstall all UT versions (only 1 now), delete all folders w/ .dat files - from everywhere, where would UT create the data file folders on installation, if logged in a limited user acct, but enter admin PW at UAC? Would it create a new set of the .dat files in the user's acct when launched from a limited user acct?

In past, noticed an odd behavior that say, UT would update settings.dat, (maybe others) in BOTH the admin user profile and a limited user acct where it was used. IOW, the date of settings.dat, etc., in both locations was changed to same date after using UT, even though it was only started from limited user acct. Doubt that was designed behavior either.

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