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Fresh Install of uTorrent - Bring Over Old Data?


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I just did a fresh install of Vista and reinstalled uTorrent as a result. I still have my old Vista and uTorrent on another drive.

Is there a way to migrate over my data so that the new uTorrent recognizes my old downloads and seeding?

I have reviewed the Migration guide but that seems more for migrating from other torrent programs.

I have noticed that the uTorrent interface looks a little different so my previous version must have been older (though not that much older, probably within the past year or so).

EDIT: I checked and my old version was 2.2.1.

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Hi Wolfenjugend,

Like you, I had some torrents and files and the .dat files from an older version (1.85 used by TorrentPrivacy) and I wondered how to use them, too. Well, 3.0 is set up a little differently since it's so 'light' and the data it makes goes into C:/users/username/roaming/utorrent. That's where the torrents go and if you put the torrents and the downloaded files in there, along with the .dat and .datold files, then do a force recheck, if you already loaded the torrents into the program already, then hit started once their done, voila!

Maybe you can help me. I don't like where the files and/or folders go while their downloading, namely c:/users/username/downloads. I keep all my installation files for my apps there and it's confusing having them all together like that. Do you know any way to change it? I've tried changing it in preferences under directories, but so far it hasn't worked. I want to keep them in a directory I make and when their done, I have them moved to an external drive so C: doesn't get full.

Hope this helped you, and maybe me too!:)

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