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Disk overloaded


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Hey all,

I'm aware that there have been numerous topics about this subject over the years, but none of the information supplied therein has provided me with a solution.

When the download speed of my torrents approach 2.0 MB/s, the warning 'Disk overloaded' pops up and as a result, the speed falls back down. As it seems, this is a problem that has started occurring under the latest iteration of the programme. I've had it before, but I believe I solved it by turning the Windows caching option off. Now it's back, and it's very annoying.

I've tried the following:

- Overriding the cache size to a more than sufficient size,

- Re-enabling Windows caching,

- Clearing out more space on the HDD.

All to no avail. The torrent I'm currently downloading is also not of exceptional size. Nor do I have that many torrents open. None of this should matter, though, as I've had hundreds of torrents active at a combined connection speed of 16 MB/s before this version.

Possibly relevant screenshots:



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I am having very similar problems. µTorrent inexplicably fails to write the contents of its cache for often up to several hours resulting in slow to no download speed.

I have also done as above as well as checking my advanced IDE settings had DMA enabled (they do) which make me think there is a bug within µTorrent.

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