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Reloacting not working as it should?


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I am trying to resolve multiple issues that I have with uTorrent 3.x and I hope people here, in the forum, can assist me. Since I have not been around, for several months, I have not been as active as I would prefer, but here we go:

1. Firstly, I have a major problem with the folder names taking on the name I have changed the torrent to, in the client under name. I have my own organization of torrents based on the season or other statistics that are applicable to me. This should not be affected by the fact that I name it something different or have sub-folders that are inside said seasons of files. The work around for changing each torrent "name" to the folder I want is not a good workaround. Right now I have approximate 2500 torrents in uTorrent and to change all of the folders I moved after getting my system up and running is not feasible. Even when I do rename a few of the torrents, I sometimes have to put the sub-folders in different folders or have renamed the files, themselves, for easier organization which leads to #2.

2. When I manually relocate files, within a torrent, and if I have selected a wrong file, by accident, I am not able to change it to the proper file. I get the following error:

Error: Failed to relocate file "file name", Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

Of course the file exists, I just selected the wrong one. I am hoping there is an option of doing something else, rather than having to delete the torrent and re-download it as this, again, would be a very time consuming problem. I never had any of these problems with 2.x versions of uTorrent. And just as an aside, I am having the same problems with the x64 client.

Okay who wants to help me resolve these issues, as soon as possible? Much appreciate and glad to be back!

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Does anyone check the forums anymore? I am still looking for help with this, it's really annoying and should not work like this.

Please assist, I really had to go back to an unsupported version of uTorrent, but I might have to if I cannot find help to resolve issues that seem to be present in all newer versions of uTorrent.

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