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Weird issue with my internet speed/computer settings


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Hey guys!

(I've checked a few topics, read the guide etc but I couldnt really find anything what'd help me.

When I download something on utorrent, my download speed is usually around 500-550 kB/s.

My friend came here with his laptop sometime(connected to the same router as my pc is), and we both started to download something by utorrent, my speed was around 530 kB/s as usual, but surprisingly my friend downloaded with like 2 mb/s, while we're at the same router and all.

We were both connected by cable, not wireless.

We both have the same settings on utorrent, and I've never done anything with my internet settings on purpose.

I've checked my firewall and all, tried to put it off but didnt show any results. We also did internet speedtests, and it showed that his download speed was alot faster.

I have no idea whats happening!

Can anyone help me please?


PS: In the right-down corner of the utorrent window, it shows a red circle with a ! in it, and it says:'' Unfindable. A firewall/router is limiting your networktraffic. You need to open a port so others can connect with you.''

But it changes sometimes; sometimes its just a green circle, and sometimes orange, so I think that its just unaccurate, Im not paying too much attention to it.

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