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Firewall issue (an other)


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I do have a trange behavior from my firewall and I am trying to understand but to no avail....

My firewall is a physical router.

My firewall is setup to let traffic go out, all of it.

My firewall is also setup to block traffic comming in unless I specify otherwise by opening specific ports.

Currently, the port configured in my uTorrent is NOT open in my fiewall.

My uTorrent version is 2.2.1

I have deactivated the following in uTorrent :

Enable UPnP port mapping

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping

My understanding was that I had to open the port in my firewall so uTorrent could work but actually, everything is working correctly, I mean, I am seeding and leeching with no problem at all even though my firewall is not set to let traffic in to the uTorrent port.

Now, is this a normal behavior? Are all the connection made from the inside and this is why it is working?

Any insight on this will be welcome. I know basics of networking but I am far from an expert.

Thanks is advance for your lights.

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