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trying to host torrent


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i followed a guide did the following

set bt.eneble_tracker = true

port used for incoming connections is 49708

i open this port on my router.I also made sure my windows firewall has exception for this port as well as for utorrent.

when i created my torrent for tracker i used : http://67.82.***.***:49708/announce

*** im onscuing my ip on this post but in the create torrent i used my ip.

I ticked :

Start seeding

private torrent.

I sent the torrent to 2 of my friend and both say that the tracker status = working but its not starting the download.

On my screen it says working for status. but it wont start for either of my 2 friends



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ok i dont get what you saying. from what i read it says if i want to host my own torrent i use my ip and port and select private torrent. And this si what i did...... how do i fix this

edit: i found another guide that said to use:



as trackers now it doesnt say downlaoding anymore and it says seeding. My friend says that now it says 1 seed but the downlaod doesnt start still :/

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