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Problem with utorrent


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Problem i have is that i stop all downloads and wait for all activity to stop, no data been downloaded or uploaded by any torrent. I power of pc by power switch and also powers of the lan.

I restart both lan and pc and with lan connected i am getting utorrent data been received. How can this be after pc and lan has been off for a long while and utorrent is closed.

Is there an underlying service that utorrent uses, so i can monitor what that is doing or what software is interacting with it.

Or is this a known problem people have had previously, tbh it is the first i have ever seen it ever after using utorrent for years. Nothing with pc has changed in months or added anything new. No new software installed either in months apart from firefox and there bugs or forum doesn't indicate any thing for this. AV, trojan and malware with updated definitions all report everything is ok.

Also nothing for utorrent is seen in task manager since restarting the pc i have no run utorrent. This problem is repeatable.

Am at a loss what this problem could be, any ideas ?

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