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Incorrect installer version downloaded


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I go to the following website:


next to "µTorrent Stable (3.0)

For Windows (389.87 KB)

English (US) - August 12, 2011"

I click on the button "Download Now" and am directed to the following website:


which contains the following text "Thanks for choosing µTorrent

for Windows

Your download should begin automatically. If not, click here."

When I hover over "click here" with the cursor the following link is displayed:


After clicking on "click here" and downloading the installer "utorrent.exe" and checking the file properties the file version is as follows:

I decided to download the latest version and receive a file named "utorrent-3.0-latest.exe"

I check the file properties of that file and it is

The installer I downloaded a couple of days ago has a version number of, which is the version of µtorrent that I am currently using.

This is very confusing and doesn't instill assurance that one is using the correct / most up-to-date version of µtorrent. Please clarify this subject and initiate corrections to the downloads accordingly.

Thanks in advance.

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