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Boss Key glitch..es


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i noticed yesterday it wouldn't let me use boss key to show utorrent. I didn't think much of it then. so now im trying to unhide utorrent again, and boss key still won't work. so i thought no big deal just a rare glitch it probably wont happen again, i'll just kill the process.

so I open utorrent, immediately, again, hide it, then try to unhide it, same thing, I can't unhide it again for some reason. I kill utorrent.exe process again.

I open utorrent again, hide it again, then try to unhide it, hey it finally works now.

I proceed to go to the boss key preferences, to see what key I have set, and it is what it should be (Ctrl + `). As a test I try to change it to Ctrl + A. Click apply. I press Ctrl + A to test it, it works. I then try to use my old hotkey (Ctrl + `), hey WTF? that one STILL works too?

I try to set yet another hotkey to Ctrl + 1. I test it out, it works. I try to test my old hotkeys again, Ctrl + A, and Ctrl + `. Hey WTF why are they working too?

So now, I have 3 freaking boss key set? how the f did that happen?

By the way, I just recently upgraded to utorrent 3.0 from utorrent 2.2.1 about a week, and never had a problem before, until now,

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