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error adding torrent https url: Could not establish secure connection


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uTorrent cannot download https torrents (when adding via add torrent url), i tried this during the past month or so and i assumed it was TPB at fault but today i tried in browser and there it works correctly.

uTorrent seems to be at fault here it gets confused by a https torrent url.

uTorrent problem (current build, freshly downloaded, 25538)


but in Firefox works ok:


i also tried in Chrome, no issues there either.

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IE (ie9) downloads the torrent file without problems


(copied torrent url from firefox, pasted in IE address bar)

on the same url uTorrent issues an error:


os info:

Win7 ultimate sp1, x86, all updates to date installed.

running as user without any admin rights and i set it to require an admin account's password when it needs those rights.

BTW, in the certificate store I also have a personal digital certificate (with a private key), any attempt by an application to use it would cause a window to appear, requiring user approval for any application access to it. The cert is issued by a private root CA, not usually known by browsers/servers.

anyway uTorrent never causes any prompts to use that personal certificate, but i think it might attempt to do it.

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the personal cert is not the reason, the browsers (all of them) never prompt for or use the cert. I even deleted the personal cert, cleared the personal cert store, re-downloaded the current build of uT (25460) (lower build # that the previous?!) and the error is still there when trying to add a tpb torrent with a https url.

this prompted me to try a few other things and i got to the conclusion that not just uT, but TPB might be at fault here too, because i tried adding an isohunt torrent https url and that one went through without a problem.

i'm not sure what the tpb crew does to the communication protocol but their servers only trigger this bug message when i'm trying to add a TPB https torrent url. Normal http works ok though.

I configured my firefox's user agent to pretend it was uT (user-agent "BTWebClient/3000(25460)") and the browser still downloads the torrent file correctly over https, so it's not some sort of user-agent sniffing and serving different content to different clients.

just that it breaks uT, so i don't know what to do next, i think i'll go over to the TPB forums and start asking there too.

i'll just keep changing manually the links from https to http.

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