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Kernel panics on OS X Lion 10.7 with large torrent downloads


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I am using the newest stable uTorrent (1.0.3 as of now) in OS X Lion 10.7 with no issues up to now, but that all changed when I attempted to download one torrent of ~28 GB and another ~60 GB. The thing is, I checked the logs in Console.app, but there is no mention of anything relating to uTorrent, but it only occurs when uTorrent is running with these large downloads in progress. I have successfully repeated this over and over again.

I already ran through the regular troubleshooting regarding kernel panics on OS X, such as disk repair, repairing caches, etc. At this point, i have been able to successfully resume my downloads using Transmission with no issues. If I stop Transmission, and restart uTorrent, let it check the files and continue with the downloads, within 10 minutes, I get a kernel panic again.

I'm not sure why this only happens with large torrents. Up till now, I haven't had issues downloading torrents less than 6 GB. I'm not sure exactly what the torrent size threshold is for generating these kernel panics, and the lack of information in the console logs doesn't help. All I know is that this only occurs when uTorrent is downloading rather large torrents, even when it's the only program running, and all unnecessary background processes terminated. I'm not 100% sure either if this is a Lion issue or not, as this is the first time while owning a Mac that I have attempted torrents this large. Coming from Windows, I much prefer uTorrent over Transmission, and would love a solution for this.

If I thought it would help, I'd dump my console logs here, but there seriously isn't anything related to show.

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