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upload speed has become TERRIBLY unefficient.


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first of all, I have my upload limit set at 24k.

when i uncheck 'apply rate limit to utp connections',it goes way up to 40k to 45k.

but when its checkmarked, the status bar says its ~24k like it should be, however if I manually add up the upload speeds, its NOWHERE close to 24k. and that's because there's only 3-4 torrents actively uploading. 10k + 3k + 1.7k +1.3K = 16K. that's what I call TERRIBLY unefficient.

16k =\= 24k. apparently utorrent didn't pass the 1st grade like I did.

I remember in v 2.0 and before I could upload at around the speed I tell it to and not have to mess around with this utp bullcrap. so how do I fix this?

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