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Sharing without tracker (moving files between 2 users)


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My friend had created .torrent file and emailed it to me. I had run it and tried to add a peer (with his IP and his port). But peer was not appear in peers list. And uTorrent didn't downloading the file. My friend has added me as a peer but it was not appear in his list too. Some time ago I did this (with another friend) and everything was alright.

But now I have router (ZyXel Keenetic Lite) on my system. Maybe that is the problem? But my UPnP is on (both in Windows and uTorrent). All other torrent I/O is ok (that I download from trackers). And when I connect to internet via mobile internet (i.e. without router) uTorrent does not download this file too.

Pelase help!

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