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All new torrents are defaulting to 'low priority' - how can I change?


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Hi All,

For some reason, any new torrent I add defaults to a bandwidth priority of 'low' and I cannot seem to change this. I've tried right-clicking on the torrent entry and manually selecting 'normal' or 'high' but this has no effect (the right-click menu disappears as expected, but going into it again shows no change.) Selecting all the torrents and trying to set them all to 'normal' or 'high' again has no effect.

Strangely, if I open the 'files' tab of a multi-file download, I can still alter the priority of each individual file, but the overall torrent still has a 'low' bandwidth priority.

Moving the files around in terms or order (ie 1,2,3,4,5, etc) also has no effect on the priorities.

Whereas I'm sure that having them all set to 'low' means that they are all still being given equal priority, I've lost the option of changing the priority if I want to.

Is there an 'advanced setting' that I need to change?

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