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Even with uTorrent 3.0, magnet links get no respect


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When trying to download from a torrent link in uTorrent, A box appears showing you everything that's in the torrent. That way, you can pick and chose what you want from within it. Magnet links? The same box comes up blank for files of any sort even though there are files there.

This has been like this ever since uTorrent started letting magnet links into the program. Now, even with the latest version (v3.0), the same thing happens. WTF? Far from being a bug, it seems like the devs at uTorrent favor traditional torrent files, and do enough with magnet links to pass the smell test. Other programs have (amazingly) no problems handling magnet links (i.e. Tixati), and I don't know why uTorrent can't get there act together on this.

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