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uTorrent crashes connection


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Hi everyone

I've seen a few topics about this problem, but they were never fully solved.

Whenever I start downloading torrents (Usually ones with lots of seeds from a public tracker) The download speeds up, and at some point (not consistent) the download slows down as if it was completed (It looks like a mirror image of an exponential growth graph) and my computer loses all access to the internet for about a minute.

Speed graph:


Strangely enough, this only occurs on my laptop (Thinkpad t520, Intel Centrino Advanced-N AGN) and not my desktop.

I've tried changing some of my settings as suggested by other forum members, such as maximum connections (changing from 50 to 20 global helped for about 10 minutes, but it doesn't seem to work anymore) and enabling/disabling DHT and Local Peer discovery.

My settings:


I guess the forum layout crops the photo - just view it in a tab

WRT54GS Router... let me know if any other info would be helpful and thanks for looking!

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Hi! thanks for the reply.

I tried disabling all those settings as you suggested, but as nearly all my torrents use UPD, that rendered them useless. However, when I had everything deselected besides UDP, Ask tracker for scrape, Peer exchange, and limit local peer bandwith, I managed to keep (relatively) steady and decent speed downloads, and could increase global connections.

I was about to say that this might be the trick, but I just experienced another dropoff that crashed my entire network - even my xbox went offline. I had to powercycle the router, network switch, and cable modem before I could post this.

Just to know where others stand, what do your settings look like? Especially in terms of number of connections - that seems to be a big factor from what I've read and tried.

Also, I don't know what an SPI firewall is - could you tell me how I would find out if I have it enabled?


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Ah yes now I see it. It is on

What sort of difference does this make when it comes to torrents? Nothing in my router's configuration has changed since this started happening except port forwarding for a server, but that never made a difference either.

On another note, I think I may have solved my problem by using the settings you recommended, but enabling UDP and uPnP port mapping. I'm getting steady high speeds without any dropoffs yet.

Here are my new settings that seem to be working:


Thanks for all your help and I hope this helps someone else with the same problem!

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