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Cmon now, Ut "Caps" my DL Speed correct?


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v3.0 Build 25460

Speeds: 2.3 Mb/s Up - 18 Mb/s Down

What setting(s) control the restrictions of my overall download capacity (speed)? I've been testing this for over a week. Let me explain and correct me where I'm confused. :rolleyes:

I can have 6 torrents downloading consistently at 1.9 Mb/s (cumulative) for hours with virtually no fluctuation. I then add 4 more very good torrents (many seeds) for a total of 10. The cumulative speed stays at 1.9 Mb/s. However, you can watch uTorrent purposely reduce the download speeds of torrents 1-6 to insure that all 10 torrents do not go over 1.9 Mb/s and it will stay like this, never increases. When you close down those 4 recently added torrents the speed still stays at 1.9 Mb/s because torrents 1-6 regain their original download speed. Seems rigged doesn't it?

You would think adding 4, or 6, or 8 more torrents WOULD absolutely increase the cumulative download speed but it does not. It seems uTorrent is trying to maintain some sort of "cap" or similar. I've tested this using many combinations and the results always seem to be the same - existing torrents are slowed to compensate for new torrent activity. I've never really been able to break past the 2.0 Mb/s cumulative download barrier for some reason.

Suggestions? :cool:

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