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Hi there,

First time writing in and I'm having a confusing issue. A site I visit asks that people only use version 1.8.2. The problem is that the Port Test on this version doesn't run anymore because on the newer version it's built into the program. What can I do to test if my ports are working properly without updating the program?

And why would this site only accept 1.8.2?? Is there a known reason why a site would say that?

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Interesting. They claim on their FAQ that it's for this...

"We've banned many clients for either putting too much load on our tracker or behaving in non-standard ways. These banned clients include Shareaza, Fando, eDonkey (libtorrent), MLdonkey, Transmission (certain versions), BitComet (and any client based on it such as BitLord) and CFNetwork. Many versions of Azureus/Vuze and uTorrent are banned, mostly for announcing too often."

They're a VERY legit site.

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Here's all the info. I promise you I've been going to this torrent site for a long time and they seem so legit and actually even quite nice as mods go... Here's the entire bit from the FAQ.

What bittorrent clients may I use? / My Bittorent client reports "Access Denied, Banned Client"

If you get the error message "Access denied, banned client" in your bittorrent client, we don't allow that client here.

** If your client/version is not found on the approved list below, please consider it to be non-approved and use an approved client/version.

** Usage of non-approved clients/versions is blocked by our tracker, your client will not be able to seed or leach and your client will receive a banned client message.

** Usage of non-approved clients/versions will not result in your account being warned or disabled, however your account continues to be subject to all the site rules.

** Only stable releases will be tested for approval - Alpha, Beta, Release Candidates, Experimental versions will not be tested with the exception of uTorrentMac.

** Please feel free to let the staff know of any newly released versions and they will schedule the testing of the version as soon as possible.

** Testing of new clients/versions is a co-operative effort between volunteers and the staff to ensure that the client/version is properly and fairly communicating with the tracker.

** Final decision on whether a client/version is approved or non-approved for this site resides with the Sysops/Administrators.

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