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Create New Torrent - Won't Seed


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When I create a new torrent and tick start seeding and private torrent, the torrent doesn't seed. Instead it creates/copies that file into another folder (I have no idea how it decides to put all the newly created torrents into that particular folder as I have directories all disabled in utorrent preference).

The torrent then hangs around at the download section of utorrent instead of seeding (even after I upload the torrent to the tracker).

I am totally lost here, I used to create and upload torrents just fine using the previous version, I think it was 2.2.X. I create the torrents the same way and it doesn't work. However, I did create a torrent by selecting a folder yesterday and it worked. Today I want to select a file and I'm getting this issue.

Any ideas? It's kinda hard to recreate this problem I think...

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