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File System Weirdness... Hard to Express in a Title Line


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Hi :)

So, this behavior is puzzling me. I just bought an MBA and I'm new to Mac OS X, I usually use Linux, occasionally Windows.

Anyway, I was downloading a torrent that had no seeders, and thus the file wasn't complete. I found the file in question elsewhere and downloaded it using Chrome to another location. Then I wanted to help the other leechers by stopping the torrent, overwriting the torrent target file with my completed download, rechecking and then seeding.

Went well, except when I right-click the file in uTorrent and select "Show in Finder" the original file, i.e. the one I downloaded from the web, is shown. I tried removing the torrent and its .torrent file, closing uTorrent, moving the web downloaded file to my desktop, renaming the folder it resides in, but for some very strange reason it keeps on opening my web downloaded file, not the file in the torrent target dir.

I'm completely stomped. ls -l in terminal shows no signs of soft or hardlinking (the file also took a couple of seconds to copy when I did so), so I'm wondering what the heck's at play here. I don't see how uTorrent can now where I moved a file while it was shut down, so I'm thinking something along the lines of the horrible "smart" folders in Windows 7, but again, I'm a noob here in Mac OS X land.

Anybody got a clue?


Daniel :)

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The open file is being tracked by inode number, an internal file ID unique to the volume it's on.

Stop the download in uT, then quit uT and move the original file back to it's original location. Make sure the new file has the same name as the old one. Then move the new file to the old file's location. OS X will warn you, and offer to overwrite the original. Let it.

Restart uT. Click on the torrent and force uT to recheck the file. If the download really is the same, uT will complete the hashcheck to 100% complete and you can start seeding.

If the downloads were different versions, the recheck will likely produce 0% complete.

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